Star Range

The Star CB-2002 cash drawers have been designed to connect to any Star printer or printer wired for Star connection. The cash drawer features a three position key lock which can be used to open the drawer manually or secure it to prevent unauthorised access. For added security, a lockable insert cover is available to ensure cash is secure whilst inserts are being moved from the back office to the till.

A compulsion switch is fitted which can be used to detect if the drawer is open or not. The drawer front on the CB-2002 features a media slot for posting credit card slips and vouchers, etc. without opening the drawer.

The Star DK-Aircash is a cash drawer trigger with Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity. It is ideal where a cash drawer needs to be opened automatically by an app but there is no requirement to print receipts.

Star mPOP is the new combined cash drawer and printer, perfect for use with apps like iZettle, Hike, Paypal etc.