Posandro is a Cloud based point of sale solution for the Android platform.Ideal for cashier service businesses to enhance productivity and maximising profits. The fast, slick, innovate application is backed by a powerful back office for you to access wherever in the world real time! You can even keep taking orders when the internet is down; data will sync as soon as the internet is available again.

A smart, affordable, complete solution to fulfil your key business demands, enhance productivity and increase your profitable growth of your business. It's time to cut the wires, throw away your expensive traditional point of sale terminals, paper bills, cash registers, remove the bulky back office server and lose the large monthly service contract that has tied down your business and caused you endless headaches. You will not find a better solution than this anywhere on the Android market!

The Posandro App, which is available for FREE on the Google Play store, starts with a 14 day trial period which means no payment details are required and thus you take no risk in trying Posandro. After trial expiration, affordable monthly subscription is available to support the continued growth and to cover the hosting for your back office, Once subscribed, if you still don't like it just cancel!


  • Simple, Intuitive back office, access anywhere, anytime.
  • New order screen
  • Employee clock in/out
  • Inventory stock management (stock takes, stock transfer, supplier order, return stock)
  • Composite stock
  • Parked orders with elapsed time
  • Customer management
  • Up to 4 printers receipt printing (STAR Micronics brand only), kitchen and sales print
  • Executive dashboard on device and back office Instant accurate reports, (export as csv, email)
  • Synchronisation from back office to device 
  • Wireless cash drawer
  • Email receipts
  • Split bills
  • Multiple inventories and outlets
  • 24/7 email support

Getting started is easy!

1. Sign up www.posandro.com

2. Login in to your back office and start building your Inventory

3. Download App and activate device with your account email and password